Posted on March 19, 2020

Government Communication Office (GCO) has said that in line with country’s National Food Security Strategy 2019-23, Qatar has successfully diversified import sources and secured a strategic stock to ensure the uninterrupted flow of goods into the country during any crisis or emergency.

The State of Qatar owns a strategic stock of food, consumer goods and medical supplies that meet all the needs of its citizens and residents, GCO said in a tweet on Monday. These supplies are continuously monitored to ensure they are both high-quality and priced correctly, guarding against inflation or monopolistic practices, the tweet added. Continued food supply is possible due to the National Food Security Strategy of Qatar. The strategy has achieved strong results, and Qatar is 106 percent self-sufficient in dairy and 124 percent self-sufficient in poultry.

Qatar maintained its position of first in Arab world in the Economist’s Food Security Index for 2019 and jumped nine spots to 13th, from 22nd in 2018, it added.

source: The Peninsula