Posted on March 19, 2014

The General Directorate of Civil Defence (GDCD) supervised an evacuation drill at the Qatargas tower in Dafna yesterday morning.

The drill was conducted by the safety and security employees of the building.The proceedings started with a mock report on smoke detection on the seventh floor of the building, which was forwarded to the Operation Department and the Civil Defence Centre at Wadi Al-Sail. As the alarm went off, those working in the building were informed through loudspeakers to evacuate the building using emergency exits. The security staff at the premises supervised the evacuation and gathering at assembly point.

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The Civil Defence team which arrived at the spot, handled the mock fire and two persons who were found ‘hurt’ in a search operation, were taken to the ambulance as part of the drill. The drill was supervised by Brigadier Hamad al-Duhaimi, director of Operation Department at GDCD and Captain Khamees Salem al-Suwaidi, evacuation officer at GDCD. Rescue Police (Al-Fazaa) and ambulance services also participated in the operation.

source: Gulf Times