Posted on August 12, 2018

As far as big summer announcements go, this is pretty huge. Huawei CBG has launched its latest HUAWEI nova 3 smartphone in Doha that is a powerhouse of unrivaled Artificial Intelligence (AI) quad-cameras that are set to elevate all selfies to superstar status and forever change the way people click selfies.

Sporting the Huawei nova 3 is an absolute confidence booster as it captures stunning AI selfies, thanks to its 24MP+2MP AI dual front cameras. HUAWEI nova 3 is the third-generation Huawei nova series devices; like its predecessors, it is beautifully designed, and targets young consumers who love taking selfies, being entertained and staying abreast trends.

With so many scenic backdrops across the country, it's no secret that what smartphone users in Qatar desire most is a camera that's intelligent enough to capture a selfie that makes them look and feel like a superstar at a stunning destination – but without the time consuming and tedious hassle of making adjustments, retakes, filters and editing. The HUAWEI nova 3 is designed to offer an AI-enhanced lifestyle, which includes a huge focus on an outstanding selfie experience with its AI beautification features and front camera that allows one to capture AI perfect selfie in one click.

Experience the new AI 1 [].jpgWelcome to the era of AI Selfies

In pursuit of the perfect selfie status, the HUAWEI nova 3 comes equipped with a 24 MP + 2 MP dual AI enabled cameras on the front and the rear that can distinguish people from backgrounds and apply AI beautification for optimum results. The 24MP camera cleverly separates you from the scenery to focus on your face, turning it into a sharp, detailed and flawless studio quality picture. Working in perfect synergy, the 2MP secondary sensor captures depth and automatically calibrates settings to showcase the best of the background in a way that truly brings your AI superstar selfie story to life.

AI does all the work for you

You'll never have to fuss with filters and settings again. When you take a selfie, the HUAWEI nova 3, powered by Artificial Intelligence, instantly recognises more than 200 scenarios across eight categories that include Blue Skies, Plants and Beaches, and apply a unique set of optimizations for each scene to deliver professional looking shots. Developed with data from a global study on how users perceive beauty, the HUAWEI nova 3 also recognizes your gender and skin tone, and applies advanced beautification with millimeter precision for the most stunning AI superstar selfie.

Recognition and optimization

Just like a professional photographer, the dual cameras can take photos with true bokeh effects to highlight you, the subject. The HUAWEI nova 3's AI-powered 24 MP + 16 MP rear dual cameras can automatically identify more than 500 typical scenarios across 22 categories to further accentuate subject and scene. Go on and strike a pose like a star, because the powerful algorithms even account for your expression, outfit, pose and ambient lighting to refine the picture.

Experience the new AI 2 [].jpg

3D Qmoji for fun selfies

It's not every day you find a Smartphone maker listening so closely and crafting a device that's designed to fulfill every user's wishes to such precision. But that's exactly what Huawei CBG has done. The AI-powered HUAWEI nova 3 can even learn and record your facial expressions to generate a personalized 3D Qmoji pack in GIF or video formats to share with friends on social media. Imagine never having to edit and filter a selfie again – get set to unbox your very own HUAWEI nova 3's AI-powered camera to snap you a stunning AI superstar selfie!

Android breakthrough: GPU Turbo Upgrade

Huawei continues to showcase its commitment to innovation and customer service by combining the upcoming EMUI update with GPU Turbo upgrade, which will allow users to enjoy much-improved gaming performances without having to upgrade their devices, making it a one step for the all Huawei users in Qatar. Turbo upgrade improves graphics processing efficiency by up to 60 per cent, bringing to users a stable and smooth gaming experience, and enables midrange devices to surpass competitors in performance of graphically intensive games. It reduces SoC power consumption by up to 30 per cent. Enables devices to stay powered longer than competitors gaming at a smoother, more stable fps. This is beneficial since graphically demanding operations typically consume battery quickly.