Posted on February 19, 2015

It's the third biggest killer in the US and costs $1trillion a year. Errors in patient safety rank third only to heart disease and cancer, claiming 400,000 lives each year, said Qatar Tribune. Patient safety is a serious issue that is often overlooked in national policy and global agendas.

A report published by World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH) aims to change this by offering solutions to bridge the gaps in today's approach to patient safety. Failure to address the patient safety concerns contributes to a waste in the healthcare system and skyrocketing costs, leading experts have said. In an effort to improve patient safety through a holistic perspective, Dr Peter Pronovost, Senior Vice-President for Patient Safety and Quality, and Director of Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality at John Hopkins Medicine in the United States, oversaw a team of distinguished international experts to produce this report. 

Dr Pronovost said:"For too long in healthcare, the mindset has been that patient harms are inevitable, that silos are natural, and that heroism rather than thoughtful design keeps patients safe. Through the work undertaken behind WISH report, it is clear that what is missing is a systematic, sector-wide approach, underpinned by sound principles in safety science. In their current state, healthcare systems too often harm rather than help." "In our WISH report, we advocate a holistic system solution to eliminate preventable harm in healthcare."

Professor The Lord Darzi of Denham, Executive Chair of WISH, said:"The work undertaken by Dr Pronovost and his team on behalf of WISH provides solid evidence and new perspectives that will support the efforts of policymakers trying to improve their healthcare system's safety record."