Posted on December 01, 2018

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education has launched its first science and technology secondary school at an opening ceremony in Doha this week.

The ceremony was attended by His Excellency the Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al Thani; His Excellency Dr. Mohammed Abdul Wahed Al-Hammadi, Minister of Education and Higher Education; and Mrs. Fawziya Alkhater, Assistant Undersecretary for Educational Affairs for the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

Mr. Dominic Genetti, Vice President and Joint Interest Manager at ExxonMobil Qatar, Mr. Saleh Al Mana, Vice President & Director of Pubic & Government Affairs Director at ExxonMobil Qatar, Mr. Abdullatif Al-Naemi, ExxonMobil Qatar HR Manager and other senior representatives from academia, industry and government also attended the ceremony. The school was established by the ministry to meet rapid advances in science and technology; build STEM literate employees for Qatar’s workforce; and help Qatar prepare for a future that does not rely on natural gas and oil resources.

Through an integrated curriculum that was developed by Dr. Tom Hsu, an innovator and entrepreneur in educational technology and co-founder of Ergopedia, and a team of selected authors; the school will foster a generation of young people who have substantial knowledge and skills and are prepared to take their place in the 21st century information economy by engaging in higher-order thinking and confidently solving problems using technology. The students will be Qatar’s future leaders, and the ministry’s STEM initiative legacy.

Earlier this year, ExxonMobil Qatar - a longtime advocate of promoting STEM education and longstanding partner of the Ministry - pledged its support to help establish the school`s energy lab. Mr. Alistair Routledge, the company’s President and General Manager, explained, “ExxonMobil Qatar is honored to be part of this historic event and education initiative. When our valued partner, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, approached us to support this immensely important initiative, we immediately explored ways to provide our help in the best and most effective way possible.”

“We’re extremely pleased that the school has an energy lab that allows students to explore the full array of energy technologies in an interactive, hands-on environment. If we are to fulfill the objectives of the Qatar National Vision 2030, we believe that we must be provide every student with a high quality education that encourages them to be creative, to collaborate, to think outside of the box; and inspires them to take on important and rewarding STEM career paths,” he added. “To succeed in today’s knowledge economy, our youth need science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills,” said Mrs. Fawziya Alkhater, Assistant Undersecretary for Educational Affairs for the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. “The school will provide students with an education that will help them discover their passions and purpose in life, be inspired on daily basis to do their very best, be active and informed citizens, and develop the critical skills needed to build a sustainable future for Qatar.”

“We are extremely proud of the work we have accomplished so far on this exciting journey to create the school. The Ministry is grateful for the support we have received from education and community partners like ExxonMobil Qatar, who have helped us make the school a reality. We look forward to the great contributions our school will make as we strive to prepare our students academically and socially to embrace the future,” she added. Over the next five years, and after evaluating the outcomes of this first science and technology school, the Ministry will endeavor to develop more of these schools in Qatar, some of which will be for girls. Plans are also underway to introduce specialized classes to the curriculum at government schools.