Posted on July 12, 2015

Qatar Diabetes Association (QDA), a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF) will launch a media campaign to increase awareness of diabetes among local communities, in cooperation with ExxonMobil Qatar.

The campaign will include seven to ten short, two-minute videos, which will be aired on local television channels’ children’s programs following Eid Al Fitr, given that the campaign’s target audience is children. The videos will highlight the symptoms of diabetes, early detection, complications and treatment. It will also focus on the causes and symptoms of hypoglycemia and how to deal with low blood sugar levels. Moreover, the videos will be shown during various events planned by QDA, and internally on location at the association’s clinics.

“Since awareness is the first step of prevention, our mission is to create a society that is more aware of diabetes and its risks. Media messages are the easiest, most effective way to accomplish this,” said Dr. Abdulla Al Hamaq, Qatar Diabetes Association Executive Director. “ExxonMobil Qatar has provided QDA with a great deal of support to fulfill its mission, and we are extremely grateful for their involvement with and commitment to ensuring that the Qatari society is healthy.”

“ExxonMobil Qatar spends much effort in the community promoting the importance of pursuing healthy lifestyles,” said Alistair Routledge, President and General Manager for ExxonMobil Qatar. “In line with the Qatar National Vision 2030, we proudly support programs and local organizations, such as the Qatar Diabetes Association, that target the Qatari community with the aim of increasing public awareness of critical health issues and educating our local community about preventive measures, including lifestyle changes. We are pleased to be a part of this very important campaign that will reach the people it needs to – our youngest members of society, who are a particularly vulnerable group.”

ExxonMobil continues to promote the importance of healthy lifestyles in Qatar by supporting several local organizations and initiatives, such as the “Your Health First” initiative, the Qatar Cancer Society and a number of programs led by Hamad Medical Corporation. These efforts are part of ExxonMobil’s ongoing commitment to support the Qatar National Vision 2030 by providing the energy needed to fuel human potential; to support research, safety, health and the environment; and to nurture Qatar’s thriving society.