Posted on June 12, 2011

Ezdan Hotel & Suites are completely ready to welcome tourists from the region during the summer season in which Inter-Arab tourism becomes active among Gulf countries, an official said.

“This group of tourists composes the backbone of tourism activity in the summer, in fact we target mostly these tourists,” said Mohammed Salah, General Manager of Ezdan Hotel & Suites. “We have all facilities and features which make Ezdan hotel & suites ideal place for these people, whether in terms of its location near to Corniche or its very good price, or modern integrated sport and entertainment facilities, as well as best services which are being provided by the hotel in accordance with highest standards of hotel services and modern hospitality.

He revealed plans to launch summer offers especially for the holy month of Ramadan, which will be announced later. He said the offers will be miscellaneous and will meet requirements of its guests, tourists, visitors, citizens and residents who want to spend an enjoyable and beautiful summer in Qatar. Ezdan Hotel recently organized its monthly reception ceremony for its guests and occupants demonstrating the management’s keenness to make constructive relationship with them especially for long stay people, to ensure the comfort and safety and to get all services they need according to highest standards of hotel service.

“The hotel management is keen to continue its monthly reception ceremony, which enhances opportunities to exchange views to improve the level of guest’s aspirations”, he said during the event. Salah said the hotel is ready with its all facilities, restaurants and Ramadan tent to provide Ramadan’s delicious ‘Iftar’ and ‘Suhur’ foods along with excellent offers especially for the Holy Month. He pointed out Ezdan Hotel & Suites’ occupancy rate is very good which means the occupants are satisfied with the outstanding level of service they provide.

Ezdan Hotel and Suites consists of 2200 luxury apartment s with 4300 rooms, which can host a number of delegations at the same time, including facilities which ensure the clients’ comfort and luxury stay. Facilities include Olympic swimming pool and Super market, health club equipped with latest devices which is open for hotel’s guests for free and six halls to host all occasions, and managed by experienced in the field of hotel service and professional staff.

With the significant increase in occasions in summer season, Salah said they are fully prepared with their six halls including “Le-perla”, the larges with an area of 400 sqm suitable for wedding parties and huge celebrations; “Diana” hall with an area of 180 sqm; “Galaxy” hall for meetings with an area of 120 sqm; “Lulua” with an area of 124 sqm; “Yasmeen” hall with an area of 110 sqm; “Stella” hall with an area of 100 sqm.

Salah also added there is a range of world class restaurants like “Cherry Berry” which provides world class delicious and tasty dishes; “Anghari” restaurant which provides Indian dishes at Tower 3 fourth floor; “Rafale” restaurant, one of finest Lebanese restaurants in Doha; “Klombiano” restaurant; and “Pool Grill” restaurant located at Tower 1, which offers fast food, juices and all kinds of grills.