Posted on January 13, 2014

The Little Engineer International (TLEi) Center in Qatar engaged Media representatives and their children in an interactive Robotics activity today. The center hosted over 50 children on the day, allowing them to create and assemble their very own robots.

“We are delighted at the opportunity to make this event possible; it was an engaging activity that allowed children of all ages to explore science and technology in a fun and innovative way. The session’s main aim was to provide a step by step educational approach, where kids are encouraged to utilize their inventive and logical sides, both of which are keys to successful thinking and creation. We are overjoyed at the successful outcome of the event and will continue to support youth development in Qatar through similar activities in the nearby future” said Rana El-Chmaitelly, Co-Founder & Head of R&D at TLEi.

Families of the media enjoy a fun, educational evening at the Little Engineer Center 3 [].jpg

“The center’s goal is to support the Qatar National Vision 2030, further strengthening the human development pillar by educating the youth and impacting society as a whole positively. The extracurricular activities we hold at the center infuse the challenging subjects of Mathematics, Science and Technology in an interactive manner, allowing children to progress both academically and socially. Moreover, we are solely dedicated to providing kids and teens in Qatar with the tools they need to excel in the world of tomorrow.” stated Raida Abdul Salam Abu Issa, a Qatari Social entrepreneur and businesswoman.

Families of the media enjoy a fun, educational evening at the Little Engineer Center 4 [].jpg

“I’m a firm believer in teaching children through a hands-on practical approach, by involving your child in Robotics activities you’re giving them the opportunity to tap into their creative senses, unlocking their full potential. The Little Engineer’s approach to learning is to help kids and teens in becoming better qualified in meeting challenges of the future society” She added.

The Little Engineer Qatar is a franchise concept that recently began operating in December 2013. The center is modeled after The Little Engineer International that is geared towards educating the students of Qatar and maximizing their potential in robotics, science and engineering through activities in a fun environment.