Posted on June 16, 2018

As FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 fever grips Doha, several social media groups in Qatar have pitched in to inform people about the teams as well as the schedule of the matches and the timings of their telecast. 

Football clubs, socio-cultural organisations of expatriate communities, family groups and business establishments have created their own forums to keep people updated on the latest at the games, posting highlights, holding discussions as well as match prediction-contests. The forums have devised innovative methods to attract people. Many of the groups have re-launched their social media profile pages with huge portraits of their favourite soccer stars.

Apart from sports enthusiasts, the public relations divisions of many business establishments have posted attractive brochures about the different teams and timing of FIFA telecast in Qatar. An official of Tea Time, a cafeteria chain of 31 outlets, which has launched such a brochure said,"We launched our brochure on Wednesday and within a couple of hours, it was shared by thousands of people."  An IT employee of an international firm at Qatar Science and Technology Park said,"The potential of social media will strongly reflect in this World Cup holding sway over Qatar's audience because of the high penetration of internet in the country." 

According to a recent survey carried out by Ministry of Transportation and Communication in Doha, 95 percent of individuals use internet in Qatar whereas internet penetration in households stands at 95.8 percent. The survey further points out that Qataris spend 45 hours a week on the internet, almost twice that of other nationals. Qatar also has a unique social media pattern with about 93 percent using WhatsApp, 70 percent using Instagram and 64 percent using Snapchat. The use of Snapchat is perhaps the highest in Qatar in the Arab world, the report further reveals.

source: Qatar Tribune