Posted on May 12, 2012

Qatar University’s third photography exhibition titled “Qatar Through My Eyes” will for the first time be sponsored by Sony and 51 East.

The exhibition will take place from the 7th to 9th of May at the Qatar University campus and will culminate in a high level-prize giving ceremony on the 10th of May at the Sony Showroom at Fifty One East in Lagoona Mall. In its third edition since its impressive launch by the Photography Society of QU’s Foundation in 2010, the competition has seen 68 participants with over 400 exquisite pictures submitted.

“It is a pleasure for us at Sony and Fifty One East to sponsor such an event. At Fifty One East we have a track record of hosting events that cover all areas from sports to arts. We have seen some outstanding pieces from young students which deserve to be highlighted. These are events we want to promote in order to raise awareness of and expose Qatari talent from all ages,” stated a representative from Darwish Technology management.

Sony’s sponsorship of the event this year will bring with it a high-end prize awarding ceremony which will take place on the 10th of May at Lagoona Mall. Sony will provide four valuable prizes for three of the “best photos” and one for “most popular photo.”

To select the finalists a qualified judging panel consisting of talented professionals will choose the best entries. The panel will consist of Portrait and Architectural Photographer - Lydia Shaw, Head of Creative design at the Art of Business- Jorell Legaspi, and Qatar Museum's Authority Consultant - Sylvie Van Roey.

Last year's event had 40 participants and 42 photos which were exhibited for three days in the Women's Food Court, and w later displayed for two more days at a top designer mall, attracting over 150 people including many reporters from the English and Arabic dailies, and members of the public.