Posted on April 07, 2017

HE the Finance Minister Ali Shareef Al Emadi said entities under the Tenders and Auction Law have spent QAR 39 billion over the past nine months on public projects, which have been awarded to private companies and institutions, including Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), according to the results of initiatives launched by the State and contracts concluded during the past year.

In the Opening Speech of the second edition of the Contracting Conference & Exhibition 'MOUSHTARAYAT 2017,' HE Al Emadi said the Government has taken several initiatives to establish an appropriate environment for expanding SMEs' contribution to infrastructure, services and public utilities as part of its strategy to encourage and increase the participation of the private sector in the public economic development plan at all levels. The event is an important opportunity to support communication between ministries, government agencies and private sector companies, including SMEs, to exchange views on cooperation between the public and private sectors in providing a competitive environment for business and to learn about successful experiences in this field, HE Al Emadi said.

Qatar is moving towards supporting economic activities in non-oil sectors while enhancing the private sector's role in implementing a wide range of development projects, he added. He stressed Qatar's keenness through issuing the new Tenders and Auctions Law in order to enhance competition's opportunities, transparency and efficiency in contracting procedures concluded by the government agencies. The government has taken many legislative measures aimed at providing various facilities and incentives for local and foreign investments and encouraging the private sector to contribute effectively to development projects to support growth in various non-oil sectors, taking into account financial and administrative control rules in line with openness, equality, justice and transparency principles.

The government has adopted and developed modern management methods, which rely primarily on centralization of policies and decentralized implementation, in order to diversify the Qatari economy's structure, expand the role of the private sector and encourage private initiatives aimed at exploiting the available capabilities, especially in the industry and trade sector, he added. The current stage of the development of the Qatari economy is witnessing a significant momentum in the implementation of development projects, which clearly shows the continued increase in allocations of major projects in the Public State Budget generating further opportunities for cooperation between the public and private sectors in the implementation of these projects and increasing the role of the private sector in the process of development, the Finance Minister went on saying.

HE Al Emadi added that the Conference represents an important opportunity to exchange views and discuss proposals on ways to enhance business environment and expand the role of the private sector in order to promote the comprehensive development process in Qatar. HE Al Emadi expressed confidence that this platform has a key role to play as a pathway to advancing the process of economic development towards its objectives.