Posted on January 04, 2019

The number of foreign investments in Qatar at the end of Q3 (third quarter) was QR709.7bn, up 4 percent sequentially according to the Ministry of Planning and Statistics’ Qatar Foreign Investment Survey.

The survey was done in cooperation with Qatar Central Bank. The survey targeted large enterprises in the private sector and some government owned enterprises which accounted for 84 percent of the value of inward FDI of non-banks enterprises in 2016. QCB surveyed all financial institutions under its supervision.

Data showed that at the end of Q3 2018, liabilities to non-residents increased by about 4 percent or QR27.4bn from QR682.3bn at the end of previous quarter to QR709.7bn. Foreign investments accounted for 68 percent or QR482.1bn, followed by foreign direct investment in Qatar at QR123.4bn or 17 percent and portfolio investments at QR101.7bn or 14 percent of the total liabilities. Stock of inward FDI had decreased by QR2.1bn due to net outflows of FDI and other changes during the quarter.

Qatar’s assets with non-residents decreased by QR2bn from QR387.3bn at the end of the previous quarter to QR385.2bn. Other foreign investments consisting of long-term loans and trade related short term financial instruments accounted for 53 percent or QR203.4bn of the total assets, followed by foreign direct investment abroad at QR145.7bn or 38 percent and portfolio investments (financial securities) at QR35.5bn or 9 percent.
During Q3 2018, there was a net withdrawal of foreign direct investment abroad and other changes of QR0.9bn.