Posted on December 06, 2019

As part of efforts to modernize and develop the fleet to keep pace with the urban development taking place in the country,  the General Directorate of Civil Defence added to its fleet 13 modern fire trucks. The launch of the new fire trucks was held in the headquarters of the Department.

The new fire trucks have a larger capacity for water tanks and great speed to deal with various incidents while it accommodates all the equipment and tools needed by the civildefence in the fire and rescue operations. Brig. Hamad Othman Al Duhaimi, DG of Civil Defence said that these are the first batch of new fire trucks that will be added successively to the Civil Defense fleet to supply it with modern equipment and machinery and keep pace with the technical developments in the field.

The Director General added that the Directorate is keen on the continuous modernization of the civil defence to keep pace with the urban boom and population growth witnessed by the State of Qatar and ensure security coverage for major events hosted by the state.

source: The Peninsula