Posted on September 08, 2017

Generation Amazing, the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy’s (SC) flagship corporate social responsibility programme, has organised a series of recycled art workshops for workers in Al Khor. The classes will be held throughout a three-week period and will reach a total of 50 people.

The first session was held at QDVC, a workers’ accommodation site in Al Khor, and had 25 attendees. The class, hosted by an art teacher previously trained by the SC, focused on the concept of recycled art. Attendees made simple decorations for frames, tissue boxes and baskets. Yasant Singh, a worker from India who took part in the course said: “I enjoyed the session and produced some very good work. The task was interesting because I had not done anything like this before. I’m looking forward to staying involved.”

Generation Amazing teaches 2 [].jpg

Speaking about the classes, Michael Richardson, Generation Amazing master coach, said: “The art workshops are bringing the Generation Amazing programme values to the fore – we have been teaching teamwork, communication skills and positive participation through football, and now it is great to see how the teachers and coaches are generating a genuinely creative environment for these virtues to thrive in.” Meanwhile, Nada Al-Saadi, SC arts & culture engagement specialist, said: “This has been an opportunity to unite sport and arts to promote these positive skills. The classes enable participants to actively continue the workshops with others, empowering them to share their knowledge.” 

With this type of activity, Generation Amazing and the SC Community Engagement team aim to provide the workers with an interesting and easy artistic technique that they can practice on their own. The workers showing most artistic promise will be nominated to transition from participants to actually facilitating these workshops for their colleagues – continuing the empowerment of people that Generation Amazing hopes to achieve.

Source: SC