Posted on July 22, 2016

As green ACs arrive, government has taken steps to ensure traders do not pass off conventional air conditioners as green ones, market sources said. New brands of green ACs have begun arriving in bulk consignments, market sources told The Peninsula, hinting at a healthy competition and price drop.

Customers don’t need to break their heads over buying new energy- efficient ACs because authorities have issued starred rating stickers for each product based on its efficiency with regard to power consumption. To help users, authorities are ensuring that conventional ACs don’t reach the market and users buy green ACs of their choice based on the stickers. An agent said: “Huge consignments of green ACs have began arriving. We cleared 12 containers of energy-rational split units of a popular brand last week. This week we cleared 17 containers of the same brand. An order is in hand to clear 18 more containers of green spilt units next week.”

Traders said with increasing supplies of green ACs,  the prices of split and widow units that witnessed marginal increase, could drop. More supplies of green ACs will create a healthy competition and help reduce retail prices, said a  trader. “We have some old stocks of green ACs but expect the first shipment of new brands early next month,” said a representative of an agency of a popular brand. Traders also justified the marginal increase in the prices of green ACs as their spare parts are a bit expensive compared to conventional ones.

To increase energy efficiency rate (EER), ACs are being equipped with acqua-friendly and stronger spare parts. For example, an efficient AC needs new type of gas like 4.1 required for a starred rating. To run this type of gas, the coils and other spare parts should be able to take the pressure, explained the trader. “The minimum EER required in Qatar is 8.5 and above. One of our products with 10.9 EER has been certificated by authorities as eight-star,” said the trader. Green ACs will help reduce users’ bills “EER measures electricity conservation of ACs, more EER means the ACs are more efficient,” he added.

“High prices of green ACs compared to conventional ones  will not be a burden on customers, who will benefit in terms of a reduced electricity bill,” said another trader. The General Authority for Standardisation and Specification (GASS) at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment has asked importers and suppliers of ACs to register their products and take prior approval before importing from manufacturers, said a source. Once a consignment arrives at port, a certificate is issued by the authority concerned that the supply meets Qatar’s specifications for EER.

source: The Peninsula