Posted on October 21, 2013

On the occasion of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Grand Heritage Doha Hotel and Spa organized a seminar for its employees. During this seminar, a breast cancer specialist presented a lecture on the physiological state of a patient diagnosed with the disease and the steps that must be taken once the patient is diagnosed.  

She also discussed early breast cancer diagnosis, ways to get tested as well as prevention methods.The Grand Heritage Doha Hotel and Spa was keen to maximize the opportunity for participants of the seminar to gain a wide perspective and promote a message of hope. Hence, the hotel also arranged for a breast cancer survivor to share her experience fighting the disease with specific focus on how she overcame it.

“Breast cancer takes away so many lives around the world everyday. The Grand Heritage Doha Hotel and Spa is deeply committed to the well being of its employees. We are very grateful to have a healthy, strong staff contingent whose fitness is extremely important to us. Most of them leave their families behind in their home countries to come and work with us in Qatar.

We feel protective of them and do not wish for anyone in our employ to fall prey to any illness, let alone to a potentially terminal illness such as breast cancer. A seminar like this is informative and educational,and will help people to watch out for developing symptoms and to learn about how to treat these diseases, and perhaps to take care of their bodies and lifestyles better” said Pierre-Marie Vasseur, the General Manager of Grand Heritage Doha Hotel and Spa.

As a mark of support for the cause, employees wore pink ribbons on their clothes and the hotel also adorned its lobby lounge with pink ribbons and flowers. In addition, a ladies tea party was also held during which assorted sandwiches and ribbon-themed cupcakes were distributed. Since its opening in Qatar in 2011, this is the second consecutive year that Grand Heritage Doha Hotel and Spa has shown support for Breast Cancer Awareness.

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