Posted on May 13, 2016
The State of Qatar was appointed by the GSO Technical Committee on the 38th meeting of the GCC Standardization Organization Technical Council held in Riyadh, to head the secretariat of the GSO Technical Subcommittee for Green Buildings (TC6/SC1). In light of this, Dr. Yousef Alhorr, GORD’s Founding Chairman, was announced as the President of GSO Technical Subcommittee for Green Buildings (TC6/SC1).
Following his appointment Dr. Yousef met with the GSO Technical Committee for Construction and Building Materials (TC6) to discuss a set of important topics related to the activities of GSO Technical Subcommittee for Green Buildings (TC6/SC1). In his presentations, Dr Yousef highlighted the objectives of the GSO Technical Subcommittee for Green Buildings, driving forward the efforts to save energy and reduce the proportion of carbon dioxide in the environment as well reducing the cost of water, heat emission, operations and maintenance of buildings.
The presentation also discussed developing Green Building Standards, organizing periodical workshops to encourage ecofriendly certification of products and materials, encouraging sustainable methods to minimize energy usage in construction, organizing innovative events to raise awareness of Global Sustainability Assessment System as an international benchmark for green building development and further initiatives to this. During the meeting, GCC member states acknowledged GORD and the efforts being made to achieve more coordination and cooperation between the member states in the standardization areas with a view to unifying regulations in this respect, emphasizing that promoting collaboration in this industry is the road to success.