Posted on February 26, 2011

Gulf STAR Group announced the grand opening of its flagship travel agency, Gulf STAR Tours & Travels on 24 February, 2011 at the inaugural ceremony in the presence of Qatari dignitaries and other businesspeople.

Located just minutes away from the Doha International Airport, Gulf STAR Tours & Travels offers complete travel solutions for business, leisure and adventure – all under one roof.

Naveed Abdulla ( Business Director, Gulf STAR Group), P.K Abdulla ( Managing Director , Gulf STAR Group) , C.K Menon Managing Director , Behzad Group ) H.E. Sheikh Naif Bin Ali Al Thani (Chairman, National Group) , Mohammed Mansour Rashid Al Khater ( Chairman , Gulf STAR Group), Aboobacker Madappad ( Managing Director, Safari Group) , Khalifa Eisa A. Al Mannai ( Chairman , Star Group) were among the dignitaries present during the inauguration of Gulf STAR Tours & Travels on Thursday, 24th Feb 2011 in the evening 6pm at the agency located on the D ring road.

The travel agency market is competitive, and technology, namely the Internet and Computerized Reservation Systems (CRS), has changed the way travel agencies operate. The Internet gives agencies and individuals the ability to perform travel related research. Discount air fare brokers have taken advantage of the Internet by offering tickets online at discounted rates. This has increased price competition. CRS have increased the speed and efficiency of the agencies to customer transaction. They have also increased the start-up costs for travel agencies who wish to be competitive. Moreover, industry competition and the increased number of travel options available have made it necessary for smaller travel agencies to establish themselves as specialists in one or more types of travel.

Gulf STAR Tours & Travels is doing this by positioning itself as a travel specialist. “We have not identified a direct competitor in the Doha area,” said P.K Abdulla, Managing Director, Gulf STAR Group. “However, a travel agency does not have to be a travel specialist to book any type of travel trip. Therefore, we will compete with other Doha area travel agencies as they offer alternatives to all types of travel. We have the ability to offer excellent packages, and have the advantage of established relationships with clients,” he added.

Gulf STAR Tours & Travels specializes in Business / Leisure & Adventure tourism and travel and provides individual and group travel to leisure and corporate clients. Services and products provided include travel consultation, pre-arranged tours, custom packages, reservations for lodging, rental cars, rail passage, among others. Additional services include assistance with passports, providing access to top-of-the-line equipment and supplies, and a superior offering that includes access to better than average terrain and activities, accommodations, and entertainment. “Ours is a full service agency and sells standard travel agency goods and services, including airfare and travel packages,” said Naveed Abdulla, Business Director, Gulf STAR Group. “The value added of our offering is its knowledge and expertise, competitive rates, and specialty focus on adventure travel, which translates into increased satisfaction for the customer. We aim to differentiate ourselves as the premier travel agency in the Doha, Qatar area.”

Gulf STAR Tours & Travels’ employees and owner are outdoor adventure and travel enthusiasts as well as seasoned travel industry professionals. “We seek to connect adventure travel newcomers and veterans with service providers, adventure activities, and accommodations that fit the client's desires, budget, and skill level,” said Mr. Syed Umer, Manager , Gulf STAR Travels & Tours - in keeping with the agency’s mission to become the foremost provider of adventure travel to the people of the Qatar and the whole gulf region.

“Gulf STAR Tours & Travels is a small organization and our employees will share in management duties and decision making. It is important for each member of the team to be proficient in all aspects of the business. Prerequisites for all employees include at least five years travel industry experience, knowledge and ability in the types of activities we promote,” added Mr. Syed Umer.

Gulf STAR Group, the parent company, has been a prominent partner with Qatar, a major global player in new economy, since its inception in 1992. Over the years, the group has diversified its activities in all areas of business concerns thereby providing a wide range of products and services to their list of entrusted clients. Today, Gulf STAR Group boasts its presence in a spectrum of market segments through the following divisions: Advertising, Café Lounge, Contracting, Engineering, Freight Forwarding, Interior Design, Laundry Express, Marine Services, Trading, Transportation and the recent addition Travel Agency. “Gulf STAR Group is excited to launch this new division which will allow our clients easier access to all the wonderful vacation and business opportunities available,” said Mr. Naveed Abdulla.

For more information on Gulf STAR Tours & Travels’ Business/Leisure and Adventure packages and to make your international or regional trip go smoother, give Gulf STAR Tours & Travels a call on +974  44913767