Posted on February 08, 2019

The Qatar Halal Festival saw great turnout within the initial four days as many schools are taking part in it with an array of activities and transactions among the breeders are going on.

Many elite breeds of sheep and goats were sold in the daily auction which attracted bidders and breeders from Qatar and some neighbouring countries. A sheep of an elite Syrian breed was sold with a sum of QR200,000 marking the biggest transaction in this year’s festival. Besides, the organising committee carried out the daily contest Al Mizayen (Sheep and Goat beauty contest) between breeders and winners were handed prizes. Abdallah Al Onaizy, Supervisor of the auction and Mizayen contest said that this year is witnessing more participations with more than 200 sheep coming in every day. Breeders expressed their satisfaction over the results of the festival so far.

Hamad Al Kubaisi, a local breeder and a participant in the contest said that through the Qatar Halal Festival, local breeders are getting a bigger chance to improve their production and it motivates them to come up with the best. “Not only it encourages us to make the best and increase our production of sheep and milk, it also encourages other young men to enter this vital sector”, he added. From Kuwait, Hamad Al Annaz, an auctioneer and a participant at the contest said that he has been participating in the Qatar Halal festival since the start eight years ago.

Moreover, the festival is attracting hundreds of students daily as it features a variety of activities especially made for the children. Many of these activities and contests are related to the livestock breeding. The children are also enjoying the “Little Shepherd” contest which is aimed to raise awareness among the young generations on the life and knowledge of a shepherd and how to breed and take care of livestock. On the other hand, traditional activities and handicrafts were present at the festival which hosts a handful of traditional handcrafters who also carry out workshops for the children.

There is also an art contest to choose the best painting that describes livestock in general, the winner in the first place will receive a prize worth of QR5000, second QR3000 and the third QR2000. It is worth mentioning that the Mahaseel festival will continue coinciding with the Halal festival and will also run until the end of March.

source: The Peninsula