Posted on August 18, 2016

Jassim and Hamad bin Jassim Charitable Foundation (HBJ Foundation) announced that it has carried out a number of development projects in Asia and Africa at a cost of more than QAR 150mn as part of its plan for this year which benefits thousands of Muslims in a number of countries including India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and the Comoros.

The projects included building of housing units, hospitals, vocational training centres, mosques and drinking water projects, in addition to its contribution to the support of some projects in the medical, educational and other humanitarian fields, HBJ Foundation said in a statement today.

HBJ Foundation Chief Executive Officer Saeed Mathkar Al Hajri said that "the foundation has implemented a decent number of humanitarian and development projects locally before starting to carry out developmental projects regionally and internationally, adding that some projects have been completely implemented while others are still underway". Al Hajri revealed that the construction of Sheikh Jassim Vocational Training Centre in Dabul city - Maharashtra State in India has been completed. The QAR 2 million centre, will accommodate 128 students annually and its inauguration within the few coming months. The project aims at empowering the poor to have opportunities for technical education in four major areas, namely welding, electricity, plumbing and blacksmithery.

The foundation will shortly sing a contract to establish a project for the construction of drinking water network in Tajikistan, Al Hajhri said "a delegation from HBJ Foundation visited the area to assess the situation and put together an implementation plan for this specific project in addition to another project for the establishment of TB diagnosis and treatment center." Al Hajri pointed that HBJ Foundation is working on starting the implementation of 45 bed hospital in 'Sidi Yosif bin Ali' area in Marrakesh province- Morocco, in addition constructing 116 housing units in the same province. The total cost of the foundation’s projects in Morocco is over QAR 25 million." He explained that the Foundation, as part of its plan for this year, will work in Thailand and Mauritania, explaining that the planning of some projects is underway, including the establishment of an orphanage in the southern Thailand and a construction of a housing city in Mauritania’s capital Nouakchott.

HBJ Foundation is progressing with one of its biggest projects Sheikh Jassim hospital in the island of Anjouan – Comoros Islands. The hospital will provide integrated health care services with high efficiency to the poor as well as assisting in improving the level of health services in the country. The estimated number of beneficiaries of this project is 790,000 beneficiaries in the three islands (Grande Comore, Anjouan and Moheli) The total cost of the project is more than 100 million Qatari Riyals.