Posted on August 03, 2018

In their shared ambition to develop clean energy solutions to support Qatar’s national aspirations for the year 2030, Hamad Bin Khalifa University’s (HBKU) Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute (QEERI) and Total Research Center – Qatar (TRC-Q) have signed a characterization and imaging support agreement to use the QEERI Core Lab facilities in order to provide materials analysis, characterization and research support required by TRC-Q. Notably, this agreement will also contribute towards enhancing the research-industry synergy in the country.

The original agreement was signed by Dr. Marc Vermeersch, Executive Director, QEERI and Laurent Wolffsheim, Managing Director, Total E&P Golfe and Country Chair. Following this, a special ceremony to commemorate this partnership was held at the QEERI offices in the HBKU Research Complex, which was attended by senior management including Dr Veronica Bermudez, Senior Research Director for Energy at QEERI, Dr. Said Mansour, Director of Core Labs at QEERI and Yousef Al Jaber, Director of TRC-Q, as well as other executives from both companies.

HBKU’S QEERI and Total Research 2 [].jpg

Commenting on the agreement, Dr. Vermeersch said: “TRC-Q is an organization that shares the same objectives as QEERI – to support Qatar in its mission to have sustainable sources of energy and to develop high value added products from its strategic resources. As such, this agreement is strategic for us, as the support we provide will catalyze collaboration with this key-stakeholder and contribute to making a tangible long-term impact for the country. By bringing together the world-class facilities and the expertise of our scientists with the technical know-how and knowledge of TRC-Q, we will be taking a step closer to our shared mission.”

Furthermore, Mr. Yousef Al Jaber, TRC-Q Director, added: “The signing of this agreement marks the consolidation of a true partnership. We must be proud of this collaboration as it will enable TRCQ to locally research on data using state-of-the-art laboratories. I would like to express my sincere thanks to Dr. Marc Vermeersch and everyone involved at QEERI and TRCQ in making this agreement a reality. With good will, clear ambitions and a strong commitment to work together, I look forward to taking the next steps towards our common goal.”

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The collaborative work will contribute towards Total’s Exploration and Production and Refining and Chemicals research in Qatar. In accordance with recognized international standards and best practices, QEERI’s support services will be supervised by Dr. Mansour and the research will be conducted at the QEERI labs in the HBKU Research Complex. QEERI – one of HBKU’s three national research institutes is committed towards aiding Qatar to overcome its energy and water security grand challenges through targeted research and strategic development.