Posted on September 18, 2014

The Bedaya Center for Entrepreneurship and SME Development (Bedaya Center) announced the launch of a new training programme for academic advisors under the theme of ‘Schools Counsellors’ Career Advice”, in cooperation with Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) and the Supreme Education Council (SEC).

Launched at HBKU Student Center at Education City, the programme targets counsellors in all independent boy and girl schools, as well as advisors of the Scholarship Office and Career Advice and Development Center at the Council’s Higher Education Institute. The ‘Career and Academic Advice’ training programme will be held over the next six months, and leading experts from this field will provide independent school academic advisors with the fundamental tools of career and academic counselling, introduce the field’s latest theories and approaches and how to apply them and offer insights on how to develop effective student advice programmes.

The training programme will follow up the school work of academic counsellors and help in the process of advising students on how to make the proper career choice.  It will also highlight the professional and ethical standards of career and academic advising and how it invaluably contributes to Qatar’s human development strategy. Leading up to the submission of the final project by the participants, a variety of activities will be held including workshops, lectures, field trips and sessions about international programmes and valuations in the field.

This is the first time a programme of such rich, fully integrated content has been offered to school counsellors in the Arabic language. The Higher Education Institute had already introduced the same programme in English, in collaboration with the American National Career Development Association.

“I would like to express our deep gratitude to Hamad Bin Khalifa University and Bedaya Center for their cooperation with us to launch the high school academic counsellors training programme this year, in line with the keen focus of the Higher Education Institute at SEC to build the capacities of independent school workers, which contributes to achieving the higher purposes of our national strategy in the education and training sectors.  It will also help to realise the goals of Qatar National Vision 2030 of investment in  human development. The high school academic counsellor plays a central role in guiding the students to choose the academic track that most suits their abilities and interests according to the basic requirements of higher education and the labour market,” said Khalifa Al Dirham, Director of SEC Independent Schools Office.

A decisive stage in students’ academic life, high school is the place where the early steps of shaping students’ academic and career futures are taken; thus, it is extremely important to train and prepare academic counsellors to the highest international standards to be able to play their part more effectively, which helps our students and offers them the opportunity to enroll in accredited international universities and contribute to the progress and growth our nation is witnessing.

“HBKU believes in the importance of training academic advisors, based on the important role they play in guiding students to make the proper academic and career choices and in introducing them to all available opportunities. We would like to thank Bedaya Center for their cooperation with us in organising this intensive training programme, and the Supreme Education Council, represented by the Advising Career Development Center, for their sponsorship,” said Dr. Khalid Al Khanji, Vice President of Student Affairs at HBKU.

“Bedaya Center’s participation in this initiative reaffirms the crucial role of academic advisors in directing the students towards a bright career future. The participation also underlines our permanent quest to consolidate our partnerships with Qatar’s educational institutions and everyone involved in the field of career development, which ultimately benefits younger generations who are our main targets at Bedaya. I would like to thank HBKU and SEC for offering us the chance to realise our objectives through the training programme,” said Raed Al Emadi, Vice-Chairman of Bedaya Centre.

Ouday El Khatib, Counsellor at Doha Independent Secondary School for Boys, commented: “The Schools’ Counsellors Training Program for all independent school counsellors is going to be very helpful to students, in particular its professional orienteering sessions to help them decide on their future career paths.” “The Program will provide an important bridge for students between their school years and university or their future chosen career path. It will help them to find out what they want to be and decide what they want to do according to their abilities.” Said Fauzia Abdullah, Counsellor with the Al Khor Independent Secondary School for Girls

The ‘Career and Academic Counselling’ training programme initiative is part of diligent efforts made by Qatar education sector trustees to ensure that academic advisors play a vital role in shaping students’ academic and career future, something which ultimately benefits Qatar’s economy through the realization of a knowledge-based economy.