Posted on October 20, 2019

As part of its commitment to driving positive transformation at home and across the wider region, Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) has announced its silver sponsorship of this year’s Qatar Information Technology Conference and Exhibition (QITCOM).

Organized by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, QITCOM is dedicated to ensuring the development of an innovative, secure and vibrant digital ecosystem. In doing so, the annual event brings together academics, policymakers and thought leaders from Qatar and around the world to share cutting-edge ideas and knowledge. QITCOM also provides entrepreneurs and tech companies with a platform to showcase their innovative and often-disruptive technologies.

HBKU’s silver sponsorship of the country’s leading information and communication technology event will be supported by the active participation of the College of Science and Engineering (CSE) and Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI). All organizations will be on hand to highlight their research and engage with participants from academia, business, government departments and the wider public. Key members of staff will also participate in a series of expert panel discussions and other high-level activities, including demos and involvement in TASMU’s technology-driven presence.

All activities will resonate with the four pillars underpinning HBKU’s contributions to this year’s QITCOM. These are focused on providing updates on research and issues covering cybersecurity, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and digital learning. In the case of the final pillar, participants will also be able to learn more about HBKU’s edX (HBKUx) classes. Following an agreement brokered in November 2018, HBKUx now offers free online in a variety of subjects. These include a tech-specific course on the use of photovoltaic (PV) technology in desert climates.

Dr. Mounir Hamdi, Dean, CSE said: “HBKU is aligned with the objectives of QITCOM on so many levels. For instance, we’ve long recognized the importance of investing in digital innovation. None more so than in the development of safe, smart, and sustainable cities - the overarching theme of this year’s event. As we see it, silver sponsorship is the logical next step in our involvement with QITCOM. On top of that, we’re looking forward to showcasing our research and expert knowledge to what is always an enthusiastic and intellectually-curious audience.” More than 12 CSE projects will be presented at QITCOM. The college offers 14 interdisciplinary degrees across the divisions of Sustainable Development; Information and Computing Technology; and Engineering Management and Decision Sciences, in anticipation of tomorrow’s most pressing issues and challenges.

Speaking ahead of this year’s event, Dr. Ashraf Aboulnaga, Senior Research Director, QCRI, said: “It’s been an eventful 2019 for our research staff. They’ve worked on a variety of projects that undoubtedly reflect key issues and topics to be discussed at QITCOM 2019. We’re certainly looking forward to highlighting our activities to participants and presenting the many milestones we’ve achieved with our different research areas and artificial intelligence platforms.” Also speaking ahead of QITCOM 2019, Dr. Marwan Khraisheh, Senior Research Director, who is overseeing the HBKU digital and online learning portfolio, said: “Our online courses on the prestigious edX platform reflect HBKU’s mission to deliver innovative multidisciplinary programs aligned to current and future global challenges. Some are immediately applicable to issues being discussed at this year’s QITCOM. That’s why we’re confident of attracting new audiences to our offerings.”

The fifth edition of the Qatar Information Technology Conference and Exhibition takes place October 29 to November 1, at the Qatar National Convention Center. For further information, please visit HBKU regularly holds events to highlight its research activities and projects. For more information, please visit