Posted on September 09, 2016

HE Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr. Mohammed bin Abdul Wahed Al Hammadi said Thursday that preparation has been completed for the academic year 2016/2017.

HE the Minister congratulated students on the beginning of the new academic year during a press conference held to discuss the preparations for the new school year. The event was attended by a number of officials in the Ministry of Education and Higher Education as well.

His Excellency said that the ministry will pay regular field visits to schools to ensure that the service levels offered are of the highest international standards. The Ministry will also ensure that schedules and books will be delivered to students early to ensure a smooth first day of school. The Ministry is also carrying out to main initiatives this year. The first is raising the performance of the teachers. The second is improving the quality of nutrients the students consume.

HE the Minister highlighted that investment in educational infra-structure, such as school buildings, will be paramount in light of the fast population growth the country will see in the future. HE the Minister said that, in the coming years, they will work on attracting distinguished international schools to open up in Qatar. The ministry will also revise technical education policies and establish more technical schools. There are also plans to develop electronic education systems for the older generation.

His Excellency added that the Ministry is also committed to facilitating the transfer of students form the education system to the labor market more efficiently. On the decline in the success rates in high schools over the past two years, HE the minister said that the phenomenon could largely be attributed to the change in marking tests. His Excellency said that the ministry is working on changing the system as the test results of some students did not reflect their abilities. One option is to provide academic counseling to students, HE the Minister said.

On higher education, the Minister said that the policy is to widen the options available to students once they finish high school. One example of these policies is the ministry's study abroad program. However the ministry is also keen on improving higher education at home. It is currently working on a number of legislations charged with improving the quality of higher education in Qatar. 

On private sector investment in education, HE the Minister said that they have been working with private schools to improve their service further. On whether private sector can make a contribution to higher education, His Excellency said that the ministry has granted some private institutions license to provide higher education programs in cooperation with international educational institutions. His Excellency stressed that the Ministry's policy is to encourage the private sector to establish universities in Qatar, as long as it follows the standards that guarantees the quality of those educational institutions.