Posted on June 24, 2017

Minister of Education and Higher Education H E Dr Mohammed bin Abdul Wahed Ali Al Hammadi ratified yesterday the results of the first phase of high school final examinations for the 2016-17 academic year.

The minister made phone calls to highest performing students and congratulated them, praising their performance and hailing the role of their families. In a press conference, the ministry's Evaluation Institute Director, Khalid Abdullah Al Harqan, said the success ratio of day schools is 78.07 percent and 15.24 for adult education. As for the boys' preparatory religious institute, success ratio stood at 67.86 percent, while it was 81.21 percent at Qatar Secondary Technical School, and 76.92 percent at Qatar Banking Studies and Business Administration Independent Secondary School for Boys.

He noted that success ratio increased in the second term compared to the first one despite fears over the pressure of taking the exams during Ramadan, which, he added, meant that substantial efforts were made by the Evaluation Institute, the administrative and academic entities, and parents in order to enhance the academic readiness of students. He added cheating cases will eventually vanish thanks to the firm measures and the procedures of taking the exams, noting that an appeal system is not considered because the thorough checking and reviewing process of exams are enough guarantees for the accuracy of results.

The Evaluation Institute director said certificates will be handed out to students after Eid Al Fitr at schools where each student can get up to five original certificates. Al Harqan urged students to benefit from the opportunities the country provides to receive education in order to improve their career, academic and social standards. He added that 1,392 students will take the second phase exams, which start on July 23 at a number of centres, noting that 248 students were prohibited from the second term examinations due to their absence rates.