Posted on September 14, 2014

Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) Women’s Hospital, in co-operation with Aspire Zone Foundation, has today held a community event at Aspire Park to create awareness of cancers affecting women.

The community event links Qatar with hundreds of events marking the third anniversary of Globe-athon, a worldwide movement that aims to build community awareness of cancers affecting women. It was attended by local residents and featured health education, presentations from doctors, exercise tips and a united walk against women’s cancers. Participants learned about women’s cancers and their signs and symptoms as well as importance of regular health check-ups, early detection and preventative measures that can be taken against gynecological cancer.

“We are glad to have successfully hosted the first Globe-athon community event in Doha to raise awareness of women's cancers, which are on the rise everywhere in the world,” said Dr. Afaf Al Ansari, Gynecological Oncologist at Women’s Hospital. “As a result of this event, we hope women in Qatar feel that they know more about gynecological cancers, their signs and symptoms and how they can protect themselves against the diseases.” “We are also encouraged to see many of the participating women taking the Globe-athon STEPtember Pledge. This is a commitment to walk 10,000 steps each day in September. The pledge provides an opportunity to increase physical activity and promote health, as a variety of gynecological cancers have been linked to obesity,” she added.

Women’s Hospital’s Executive Director, Dr. Nish Patel said: “Women’s Hospital is always in support of any initiative geared at promoting women’s health in Qatar. In addition to providing the best and most compassionate maternity and reproductive health care to our patients, we are also always seeking to educate and encourage them to seek prompt professional advice if they notice anything that gives them cause for concern.  With our participation in a global event like Globe-athon, I believe that we have again demonstrated our commitment towards improving the overall health of women in Qatar.”

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Screening for gynecological cancers is available on demand in all primary health care centers across the country. It involves a simple bedside test that does not require any preparation or anesthesia. Women are advised to have three yearly gynecological health checks including a Pap smear that looks for pre-cancers or cell changes on the cervix that may become cervical cancer if they are not treated appropriately. However, if women notice any changes or something unusual in their health, they should seek urgent professional medical advice.                                                                             

Aspire Zone Foundation’s (AZF) Chief of Corporate Services Officer, Mr. Ali Al-Kubaisi said: “In AZF, we believe that we are not merely a sports organization as we extend our scope to extensively engage with the society in all matters, especially those related to health and well-being. As we save no effort in supporting local organizations and community, we believe this event directly helps attain the Human Development pillar of the Qatar National Vision 2030.”

While lauding the partnership between AZF and HMC, Mr. Al Kubaisi added: “We are happy to see high community participation in this event and we truly hope that the society would become more aware of this serious issue of gynecological cancers beyond today’s event and upcoming ones.” Globe-athon started as a relay foot race in the Unites States in September 2013 and it has grown into a worldwide initiative in over 60 countries including Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan. Visit to join the movement, take the Globe-athon STEPtember Pledge, access educational resources and learn about events taking place around the world. Also, follow Globe-athon on Facebook and Twitter.

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