Posted on November 23, 2013

About 140 nurses and nursing educators from across Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) recently gathered at Hajar Auditorium to celebrate the role of nursing education in transforming healthcare and the achievements made in raising nursing education and research at HMC to world class standards.

“The Nursing Education and Research Department (NER) at HMC has risen to the challenge and is currently embarked on transforming the department to meet international standards of nursing education, such as those of the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). Our specific competency-based programs are designed to fulfill the requirements of each clinical specialty, being carefully tailored toward both new and experienced nurses,” said Mr. Marwan Mohammad Ahmad Hamad, Acting Director of the NER Department, who shared the nursing education journey at HMC with the audience.

“The future challenges for healthcare in Qatar are enormous: these include expanding demand for care, older and sicker patients, more complex technology, and new healthcare settings, among others,” said Mr. Hamad. The participants renewed their commitment to preparing HMC nurses to meet these healthcare challenges and continue to provide the best, evidence-based care in line with internationally recognized standards.

Mr. Hamad explained that the NER Department strives to ensure an outcome-based nursing education curriculum and specialized programs that meet the skills needs of the staff and help nurses to apply their skills in their daily practice. He added that they are also dedicated to increasing the skills of nursing educators, who have the opportunity to travel abroad for training and conferences.

The celebration included speeches from senior nursing executives and presentations from nursing educators on the progress and accomplishments gained in nursing education in different departments across HMC.

“Nursing is essential to the patient journey, experience and outcomes,” said Dr. Ann Marie Cannaby, HMC’s Executive Director of Nursing, who spoke on the future of nursing education at HMC. “Our Nursing Strategy for this year is an expression of the support of the HMC executive team to focus on nursing. We have a very strong nursing service but we want to build on these strengths: to ensure we have the right staff, educated to the right standards in the right structure, and giving the best care across the Academic Health System.”

“Education is essential to the way forward. We have a very skilled, loyal and stable nursing workforce, and much of that is due to the NER Department and the emphasis on education at HMC,” said Ms. Cannaby, adding that HMC adheres to strict criteria in recruiting nurses locally and internationally, has good orientation programs, and has forged excellent clinical and academic partnerships to develop its education programs, such as partnerships with SickKids, the University of Calgary-Qatar, and Sidra Medical and Research Center.