Posted on December 13, 2014

Qatar's premier healthcare provider Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) is all set for a massive expansion in its dental services, said Gulf Times. HMC has started the construction of a major dental facility with more than 170 clinics, Dr Mohamed Sultan al-Darwish, president of Qatar Dental Society, disclosed.

“All the new clinics will be housed in a huge building which is being added as an extension to the HMC Dental Department," he told Gulf Times on the sidelines of the 3rd Qatar Dental International Conference that opened on Thursday. "The construction of the new building has just begun and we do not know when it will be completed," he explained. Dr al-Darwish pointed out that Qatar Dental Society is working in close co-ordination with the Supreme Council of Health, HMC, Primary Health Care Corporation and other dental facilities in the country. This year Aspetar is also supporting the conference.

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As for the high cost of the dental treatment in the country, the official observed that dental treatment is expensive anywhere in the world. “With the launch of the national insurance scheme, Seha, most of the dental treatment is covered. We are working to control and bring down the prices but many other factors which are beyond our control are deciding the price. Dental treatment is different from other fields as the materials used in the practice are very expensive.”

Around 1,500 delegates are expected to participate in the two-day conference. “We have more than 1,500 doctors registered for this conference. More than 1,200 attended the last conference. Most of the delegates are from the US, Europe and from the GCC and Middle East countries," the official added. There is also an exhibition of dental equipment along with the conference. About 37 companies are showcasing their products. According to Dr al-Darwish, the exhibition features some of the most advanced equipment and treatment facilities in the dental field. At the opening session of the conference, a special event was held to celebrate Qatar National Day. A group of children presented cultural performances.