Posted on November 24, 2013

Under the patronage of the Minister of Public Health and Supreme Council of Health Secretary General HE Abdullah bin Khaled al-Qahtani, Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) First International Symposium on Orthopedics, Foot and Ankle Surgery opened today.

The two-day symposium brings together more than 250 local and international orthopedic experts and surgeons to discuss the latest developments in orthopedic, foot and ankle care and surgery. Speakers and delegates from around the world are attending the event along with orthopedic surgeons from hospitals across Qatar.

 “Being the first of its kind in Qatar and the Gulf region, the First International Symposium on Orthopedics, Foot and Ankle Surgery will support HMC’s efforts to develop orthopedic care services in Qatar,” said Dr. Mohammad Al Ateeq Al Dowsari, Head of HMC’s Orthopedics Department and Director of the Bone and Joint Institute.

“Medical research and technological developments, especially in orthopedic surgery, have resulted in many discoveries and advances that have significantly enhanced the surgical and non-surgical orthopedic care services available,” said Dr. Al Dowsari.

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“The Bone and Joint Institute has been recently established at Hamad General Hospital as part of HMC’s Academic Health System which is bringing the latest research findings to our patients.

“At the Bone and Joint institute, we are constantly introducing new technologies for the diagnosis and management of multiple diseases related to the foot and ankle, ranging from basic fractures to major reconstruction surgeries,” said Dr. Al Dowsari.  “This conference gives us a great opportunity to introduce new and advanced ways of providing the safest, most effective and compassionate care to our patients, and to become a regional hub for advanced orthopedic care.”

Orthopedic experts are holding several workshops on the sidelines of the addressing the latest orthopedic, foot and ankle surgery issues and techniques, such as the use of bone marrow nails for the full fixation of ankle joint, as well as the best methods of stabilization for heel bone fractures, tibia fractures (lower leg bone fractures) and the ankle joint.      

The Symposium will also feature research conducted by orthopedic specialists at HMC including Dr. Mohammad Majed, Dr. Hassan Al Fahl and Dr. Mohammad Al Khaiyarin.