Posted on October 01, 2016

A team of doctors from Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) Trauma and Surgery Section have been awarded funding by the Qatar National Research Foundation (QNRF) to undertake an important research project titled, “Factors Influencing Organ Donation in Qatar.”

The project will be supported by the Medical Research Centre in collaboration with the Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics, Qatar to aid researchers in understanding the barriers that influence the donation decisions of residents in Qatar (both Qatari as well as non-Qatari). As part of the three year project, female surveyors appointed by HMC through the Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics will be visiting the homes of residents in Qatar for one month in October 2016, with relevant questionnaires for the public to respond to.

Dr. Hassan Al-Thani, Head of Trauma and Vascular Surgery at HMC, who was awarded the grant said, “It is an honor to be part of a project that is a national priority for Qatar. The household data collection, which will be the first of its kind in the country, is an important part of the project as it will help us to understand the community’s attitudes, understanding, and perspective of organ donation within Qatar.” Due to the sensitivity of the subject matter, each surveyor will sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement before beginning the data collection and any data obtained will not be shared outside the research team.

The project team includes: Dr. Hassan Al Thani, the principal investigator for the project; Dr Yousuf Al Maslamani, Medical Director Hamad General Hospital; Dr. Ayman El- Menyar, Consultant Trauma Clinical Research, Hamad General Hospital and Dr Rajvir Singh, Senior Consultant, Heart Hospital. Commenting further on the project, Dr. Al Maslamani said, “We would like to ask the public to cooperate with the surveyors who approach them for data collection. These surveyors are working on behalf of HMC and are carrying out an important task that will help us shape the future.”

The information gathered in the study, will be used to formulate policies related to organ donation in the future and will contribute to the publishing of academic research papers.