Posted on April 05, 2018

Function is oftentimes at odds with design at beauty, with one chosen in favor of the other. However, in consumer technology, a product’s success is dependent upon the seamless integration of both functionality and beauty.

Huawei has launched the all-new Huawei nova 3e, a perfect example of seamless fusion between engineering and aesthetics.

The Beauty of Meticulous Engineering

The Huawei nova 3e 1 [].jpgIn construction, the dichotomy between beauty and function is most apparent, where an engineer’s mastery of skills is visible in the building itself. A beautifully constructed building is a feat of both engineering and aesthetics.Similarly, consumer technology products, such as smartphones and smart watches, are smaller-scale feats of engineering, where the products’ beauty is revealed in the quality of the workmanship. The latest Huawei nova 3e smartphone, which features minimized bezels, embodies this ideal of aesthetic appeal and engineering prowess. However, in spite of the rapidly increasing popularity of this design trend, the display notch poses significant challenges for smartphone vendors.

Notch width in the display greatly influences the arrangement of internal components in a smartphone. In order to achieve the smallest possible notch area, the Huawei nova 3e integrated Huawei's first special electrical connection scheme, resulting in compression of the body structure. The Huawei nova 3e also features a uniquely customized front camera which occupies minimal space in the display. Despite being reduced by 44% in size, the camera provides enhanced functionality over previous nova devices. Meanwhile, the receiver packs top audio quality into a much smaller surface area, thanks to a cutting edge elliptical-shaped design.

Behind these impressive features is Huawei’s relentless pursuit of engineering excellence and beautiful design.

The Huawei nova 3e 2 [].jpg

Beautiful Design, Housing Beautiful Engineering

The Huawei nova 3e also elevates the aesthetic appeal of smartphone design to the highest level. Inspired by design cues from architecture and fashion, the Huawei nova 3e reveals streamlined, flowing lines from every angle. A stylish smartphone crafted for young consumers, Huawei nova 3e is encased in a finely-textured metallic frame, which contrasts beautifully with the 2.5D glass at the front and rear and underscores the product’s superb quality. The high-gloss grooves in the outer frame define a sleek body shape, adding to the slim and streamlined appearance of the Huawei nova 3e.

In terms of camera design, the Huawei nova 3e features a rear camera placement, vertically positioned to maximize visual impact,in reference to the iconic layout of a film camera. The camera lens is made of a silk-screen double CD decorative ring, which highlights the design and functionality of the lens. The Huawei nova 3e boasts an aspect ratio of 19:9, which leads to a better grip, thanks to its optimized internal architecture and component arrangements. On the exterior, a simple yet stylish FullView display with a minimal notch design and a 5.84”Full-HD screen offers users a wide and clear view. The Huawei nova 3e perfectly demonstrates how functional engineering and aesthetic design can work together in harmony.