Posted on April 10, 2018

Smartphones are becoming an indispensable tool in our lives as we’re increasingly reliant on them to keep in touch with family and friends, watch movies and videos, listen to music, get work done and browse the Internet.

With smartphone technology evolving at a very rapid pace, the demand for innovative features is growing among consumers; today, people are consuming a lot of content and demanding better and bigger displays. This is what prompted smartphone manufacturers to pack large, borderless screens into their smartphones and thus, offer users a more enjoyable viewing experience. Launched recently, the Huawei nova 3e smartphones feature a large, bezel-less display that makes for a more immersive and enjoyable experience. Here are 3 reasons why you should get them now!

Huawei Why bigger is 1 [].jpg

Visual enjoyment

Screen size really matters. The Huawei nova 3e smartphones come with Huawei FullView display 2.0 with barely-there bezels. Featuring a-5.84-inch screen with 19:9 screen-to-body ratio, the devices offer a better viewing experience and greater comfort. Whether you want to watch videos or movies, play games, browse the Internet or read books and magazines, you can now treat yourself to a bigger and more enjoyable view; the smartphones’ screen plays videos in HD, giving you high quality content with bright colors for a better experience.

Bigger, clearer pictures

The larger the screen, the better the pictures. The Huawei nova 3e high-resolution display delivers fine detail and rich color. The large screen and FullView Display 2.0 are very comfortable and convenient to browse pictures, whether photographs or your gallery pictures or social media images. The Huawei nova 3e smartphones feature a 2280*1080 FHD+ screen with 96% NTSC super high-color gamut of Hollywood digital cinema standard, 432 retina HD display-level high PPI, and 1500:1 contrast for rich, true-to-life colors. Furthermore, they bring you innovations to make every image enjoyable: The CE color enhancement technology improves saturation, which leads to richer colors and truer skin tones. The 2D graphics engine technology automatically enhances details around the edges of the subject to give you more authentic, natural portraits.

Enjoyable games

If you’re a gaming enthusiast, the big-screen Huawei nova 3e smartphones will bring more excitement to your gaming experience. The large display makes the graphics more enjoyable, so you can completely immerse in the game and feel the action, even for graphic intense or heavy games. The maximum screen brightness is adjusted to 3,000 lux from 10,000 lux, which can reduce power consumption when the screen is viewed in direct sunlight. The Huawei nova 3e smartphones also feature an eye comfort mode that filters out blue light from the screen to alleviate eye strain.

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Elegant design

The Huawei nova 3e smartphones feature a sleek and thin body for a comfortable grip. The mid-frame gives the devices chic metallic accents, and the curved 2.5D glass panels add more sophistication to the design. The Huawei nova 3e design is smooth with rounded corners that increase the screen-to-body ratio; the smartphones also feature a minimal notch design on the top of the screen. To provide maximum screen display, the width of the notch is reduced to nearly half of the size, and the height of the top and bottom edges are reduced by more than 50% compared to other smartphones.