Posted on May 02, 2014

The 4th annual exhibition of the International Artists Doha (IAD), a local group of international artists opened to the public on Wednesday. The exhibition featured a stunningly diverse collection of works from some 22 Doha-based artists from different backgrounds and from 12 different countries all addressing the single theme of the Essence of Life.

At the opening reception, Chairperson of IAD, Annette Wendling-Willeke spoke on behalf of the artists of the group, thanking Qatar Foundation's Community Services Department for supporting the exhibition, and identifying this as a part of a general trend in the country to encourage cultural endeavours and artistic expression. She said,"As artists, we are grateful to live here in Qatar, which embraces and supports culture and the arts."

On her part, Qatar Museums Authority (QMA) Head of Artists in Residence Programs Hala al Khalifa praised the achievements of the group, who have been active in the country for more than four years. Speakers at the inauguration also included Allyson Vanstone, Dean of VCUQatar and the Director of QF Community Services, Ibrahim al Obaidly. Notably, the event also featured a virtuoso performance by the Doha Baroque Ensemble, who played a memorable selection of classical pieces.

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The exhibition features the work of artists from a long list of cultures and backgrounds and hailing from countries including Germany, Iran, Canada, Croatia, USA, Egypt, India, the Netherlands, Sudan, Iraq, United Kingdom and Qatar. The artists are exhibiting their latest works addressing the theme ˜The essence of life' (or 'rouh al hayat', in Arabic), with works in a wide range of styles, from realism to abstract.

The artists taking part include Annette Wendling-Willeke, Behnaz Larsen, Charlene Kasdorf, Doerte Meichsner, Dominika Bozic, Elham Razani, Hannelore Seckel, Jacinthe Lecomte-Lemontagne, Jamela al Shraim, Joey Ellis, Mahesh Kumar, Mahgoub al Magboul, Marjolijn Stolk, May Abulela, Nigel Muter, Nourelhadi Awad, Sabah Arbilli, Salim Abdulla, Shahida Ahmed, Shihar Hamza, Urvashi Gaekwad Chauhan, Verity Watkins and Willemina Mansell.

International Artists Doha (IAD) is a voluntary, non-profit group created for artists residing in Qatar. The aim of the group is to foster opportunities via sharing experiences, learning from one another, combining resources, collaborating with other local art initiatives and showcasing the members'art to the local public, by means of exhibitions and publications.

The group of artists was formed in early 2011 by two Dutch artists, Winnifred Bastian and Marjolijn Stolk, who saw the need to provide expatriate artists living in Doha with a forum to come together to share ideas and knowledge, and to exhibit their works regularly. The Exhibition, which is being held at Qatar Foundation's Recreation Centre in Education City, is open for the Public on Friday from 12 pm to 6 pm, and Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm.

source: Qatar Tribune