Posted on February 19, 2015
The Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (ictQatar) launched the National Authority for Root Authentication in the presence of representatives from ministries of Interior, Economy and Commerce and Finance, and an external auditing firm, Al Raya said.
The launch of the National Authority for Root Authentication is considered a very important event in field of information security because this authority represents the highest level of the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) hierarchy in the State. The importance of this authority lies in that all certificates issued by licensed certification service providers, as well as certificates issued by overseas certification service providers accredited by MICT through mutual ratification, will be digitally signed by the National Authority for Root Authentication.
Certification service providers are those entities licensed by MICT to maintain an infrastructure for public key, to issue electronic authentication certificates and to provide services related to electronic signatures. This launch comes within the framework of implementing Law No. 16 for the year 2010 concerning e-commerce and electronic transactions, as well as Resolution No. 1 for 2012 of the Board of the Supreme Council for Communications and Information Technology then (currently MICT) issuing bylaws for accrediting  foreign authentication certificates and regulating the work of certification service providers.

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It is worth mentioning that the first license for an Electronic Certification Service Provider was issued by MICT in December 2014. That license was issued to the Ministry of Interior being a service provider. Licensed certification service providers are responsible for providing means by which citizens, residents, businesses and other entities will ensure confidentiality of electronically transmitted data and be able to verify signatory ID in a manner that will not allow subsequent denial, which will enhance confidence in e-commerce and electronic transactions.