Posted on March 16, 2020

Imar Group, the specialized group in the field of construction and contracting, honored 55 veteran employees from all departments who have been significantly contributing towards building the company’s prominent portfolio and possess an influential track record of workmanship over the past two decades.

The event was hosted alongside the gala dinner organized by Imar Group on the occasion of 25thanniversary of launching its operations and to honor the veterans who have successfully completed ten, fifteen, twenty, and twenty five years with the company and have set an inspirational workmanship benchmark for others to follow. Thanks to its exceptional and acclaimed record in all the completed projects over the past 25 years, Imar Group has made its mark in the construction and contracting sector at the regional level, paving way for more successes, which to this day, has resulted in 20 companies operating under the Group’s umbrella.

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On this occasion, Mr. Hanna Shammas, Founder and CEO of Imar Group, said: “Today we gather here to celebrate a very significant milestone for all of us associated with Imar Group of Companies. These glorious 25 years wouldn’t have been possible without a very significant contribution made by each of you present here. I take immense pride in congratulating those valued employees with whom I have worked for more than two decades from Lebanon to Qatar and Kuwait, on a distinguished business saga that was never easy but has been characterized by unique bonds and relationships on both personal and professional fronts.”

“Over the past 25 years, we have been able to establish new standards and set benchmarks in the construction and contracting sector, which enabled us to take the lead in all the markets we have operated, and which have helped the Group expand its operations regionally. I have always firmly believed that the real added value of any company lies in the experiences of its human resources that it builds, develops and maintains over the years. Our employees are our true wealth and today we are witnessing a well-deserved honor for those who have completed long years of service with us,” He added.

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From his side, Mr. Mustafa Qassar, General Manager of Imar Group, said: “Thanks to a distinguished team that never wavered to deliver the best, we were able to start from a small commercial company with big dreams to reach where we are today. Everyone present here today has actively contributed in achieving our vision through their dedication to work, their professionalism and their total commitment towards delivering their best. We believed in their skills, talents and encouraged their ideas, which led us to the leading position we occupy today in a sector that is considered one of the most important sectors for the growth of the region’s economy.”

Founded in 1995, Imar Group promptly established its reputation for excellence in the construction industry, specializing in architectural interior fit out before expanding to Qatar in year 2000. In 2015, Imar started its regional expansion and kicked off its operations in Kuwait.