Posted on July 18, 2015

Municipalities are to intensify inspection of restaurants, fast food chains, bakeries and sweet shops during the next eight days, as they have caught many violations of food safety laws in the last few days, reports Al Raya in The Peninsula.

Health inspectors of Doha Municipality conducted 1,351 visits, registered 56 violations and closed four outlets. They also raided vegetable and fruit shops to check if the items were safe for human consumptions and import documents to ensure if they were checked on the borders or not. Some shops were asked to correct minor mistakes while storing items. The municipality has divided inspectors in groups to cover various areas.

Today, inspectors in two shifts will monitor auctions at vegetable markets. Rayan Municipality inspected bakeries, food outlets and sweet shops, as many people rushed for Eid shopping. Inspectors in the morning shift focused on restaurants, traditional kitchens, cafeterias, supermarkets, commercial markets and slaughter houses. Al Shamal and Al Wakra municipalities also conducted similar inspections. Inspectors are accompanied by veterinary doctors.