Posted on May 26, 2017

The health monitoring unit of Doha Municipality launched a massive crackdown on food outlets operating in Doha ahead of the holy month of Ramadan.

Inspectors visited 1,700 outlets with special focus on sweetmeat shops, eateries, commercial complexes and hotels and recorded 19 violations. Legal action is being taken against erring outlets, said a press statement. The drive aims to ensure that the outlets maintain hygiene in displaying and preparing food.

The Municipality asked outlets to use food items fit for human consumption and those that meet specifications if they wanted to avoid legal action. Meanwhile, the health monitoring unit at Al Khor and Al Dakhira Municipality shut down two fast foods restaurants for violating provisions of the law for regulating human foods — No. 8 of 1990. A food outlet was also closed down in Al Khor city for selling expired items recently in a inspection campaign. A team from the monitoring unit made inspection visits throughout the last week to outlets of poultry products, mineral water, and dairy products. 

Many big commercial complexes were also raided to check the storage of food items and the outlets offering meat and fish inside the facility. Several violations were caught at fast food restaurants. Fruits and vegetable shops were also raided and were instructed to follow the safety procedures required for proper storage. Inspection drive has intensified on slaughterhouses and meat supplying companies operating in the municipality as demands for meat increases ahead of Ramadan. Veterinary doctors check slaughtered animals to ensure whether they are fit for human consumption.

The inspection also intensified in Al Khor fish market to check whether the fish stock is fresh and fit for human consumption.

source: The Peninsula