Posted on November 25, 2013

The International Advisory Board (IAB) for Qatar’s Academic Health System (AHS) held its fourth meeting in Doha this week.  Discussions involved system-wide developments across the clinical, research and education areas and continued development and strengthening of the AHS’s collaborative partnership between eight of Qatar’s eminent health, research and education organizations.

“We are honored to welcome our IAB members to Qatar, and to have shared with them our substantial progress towards establishing an integrated, nation-wide academic health system,” said Hanan Al- Kuwari, PhD, HMC’s Managing Director.  “Major initiatives are being delivered across our system, focused on providing the best and safest clinical care.  We have made significant headway towards establishing a robust research culture and are committed to continuous investment in the development of our clinical workforce. This work is beginning to yield visible results,” said Dr. Al-Kuwari.

Speaking at an HMC corporate celebration prior to the board meeting, IAB member Professor Sir John Tooke, Vice-Provost (Health), University College London, commended the significant efforts across Qatar’s AHS towards achieving clinical excellence, saying, “The determinants of clinical excellence are becoming clear, and include achieving the best patient outcomes coupled with an optimal patient experience”.  He continued, “HMC’s focus on quality, safety, and development of a culture receptive to innovation and the adoption of evidence-based practice are important milestones on this journey towards clinical excellence”.


Professor Edward Hillhouse, HMC’s Chief of Scientific, Faculty and Academic Affairs, said the IAB members’ expertise has been a beacon of support in the development ofQatar’s AHS, with members lending a valuable perspective on the AHS’ strategic and operational objectives, drawing upon learnings from within their own systems.  “Through our academic health system, we are developing a unique healthcare delivery model, tailored to meet the needs of the local population, now and for future generations.  Importantly, our model is grounded in international best practice, underpinned and guided by learnings from some of the world’s most renowned healthcare systems,” Professor Hillhouse said.

The IAB is an advisory body formed of high-profile, international experts in the fields of health, education and research, with significant experience in the development and operation of academic health systems.  Members represent some of the world’s leading institutions and academic health systems, including Duke University Health System (USA), Maastricht University(Netherlands), the Association of Academic Health Centers (USA), the National University Health System (Singapore), Cleveland Clinic (USA), University College London (UK), Cambridge University Health Partners (UK), and Imperial College London (UK).

The IAB has been an important catalyst in helping to establish and develop the AHS’ position and reputation within networks of practice – locally, regionally and internationally.