Posted on November 27, 2013

Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) hosted prominent Marital Relationship expert Dr. Sandrine Atallah from Lebanon earlier this month.

Dr. Sandrine Atallah.

Dr. Atallah gave two lectures targeting HMC's healthcare professionals - the first on the impact of prostate disorders; and the second on methodologies of maintaining a healthy relationship between couples and role of specialist doctors. “Embarrassment about talking about marital relationship problems stops many from seeking medical advice or treatment, which often puts pressure on relationships,” she said.

Dr. Riyad Al Zubaidi, Consultant Urologist at HMC agrees that social stigmas still prevent patients from approaching healthcare professionals for medical and health advice. “Patients are still reluctant to seek medical treatment,” Dr. Al Zubaidi said. “Once the barriers of social stigma are broken, in the first visit, patients tend to feel more comfortable sharing their problems with the physician.”

HMC's Marital Relationship Clinic was established 12 months ago according to Dr. Khalid Al Rumaihi, Consultant and Head of Urology Department at Hamad General Hospital.

“It was opened to provide patients, particularly the newly-wed couples with diagnostic and therapeutic services,” he said. “We have assigned two specialists; a male and a female, to this clinic aiming at boosting awareness amongst couples as to the importance of talking about relationship problems to specialized doctors seeking their medical and health advice.”

Dr. Al Rumaihi said the Clinic at HGH maintains a high standard of both privacy and confidentiality in dealing with patients' information, records, and inquiries. “The clinic receives patients once a week at the Outpatient Department at Hamad General Hospital,” he said.