Posted on April 15, 2018

There is no doubt that the smartphone industry has been one of the fastest evolving in terms of product innovation. Each new smartphone launch brings a bigger or better mentality, with noticeable improvements over earlier devices. But, does the ‘best’ smartphone camera really exist?

It does now! The ongoing battle for the best smartphone camera has finally come to an end, and it is all thanks to the new HUAWEI P20 Pro. A smartphone that has received rave reviews globally and has blown competition out of the water, this mobile has wowed even the most critical of experts, and will be coming to the region very soon.

Introducing the HUAWEI P20 2 [].jpg

The HUAWEI P20 Pro is a device that has captured what consumers have been asking for – and has captured it in the best way possible: the camera. The smartphone has the World’s most advanced camera system, with the World’s first Leica 40 MP triple camera. And, it is all powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence) that intelligently assists users to take great photos. The HUAWEI P20 Pro offers features that are not available in any other smartphone on the market, and in fact, this smartphone camera is set to rival even the best professional DSLR cameras in terms of picture quality.

So how does the HUAWEI P20 Pro stand out from the crowd?

World’s First Revolutionary AI: AI Photography Mastered by You

The HUAWEI P20 Pro has a masterful functionality – it is powered by AI. This means that the smartphone camera does the thinking for you, and automatically adjusts to give you the best picture results. AI-powered real-time scene and object recognition technology can recognize more than 500 scenarios in 19 categories for users to choose the right skills at the right moment, be it blue skies, people or a dog. It even adjusts the lighting and the optimal scene parameters. The AI Beautification for Selfies feature captures the smallest details even in low-light settings. With each selfie taken, AI beautification provides 3D portrait lighting, making adjustments to better match the users’ facial features, resulting in luminous skin-tone enhancements and radiant selfies even when backlit. The results are so stunning, it’s like having a personal beauty entourage or make-up artist with you. There is even an AI Smart Gallery, which automatically adjusts images and highlights users’ best shots in an auto-generated layout, supporting more than 100 tags for easy categorization and browsing.

The Best Night Photography

One of the most exceptional features on the phone is its night time photography mode. The camera has the ability to capture objects and scenery at night that even the eye cannot see! Taking photos in low-light conditions usually requires a professional camera, a keen eye and sometimes even tools, such as a tripod. By packing hardware features such as large 40 MP sensors and wide aperture lenses into the device, the HUAWEI P20 Pro produces exquisite detail in every image to give you some of the most vibrant, clear and detailed shots taken with low light at night. In addition, the HUAWEI P20 Pro uses Huawei AIS (AI Image Stabilization) technology to recognize objects and correct images as a result of shifts and blurs caused by an unsteady hand holding the device. With this feature, you can capture steady, clear and detailed footage of even motion scenes, ensuring you never miss capturing a moment or taking incredible long exposure images without a tripod.

Introducing the HUAWEI P20 3 [].jpg

Incredible Hybrid Zoom

An incredible advancement in long-range photography, the HUAWEI P20 Pro includes a brand-new Leica telephoto lens with up to 5x Hybrid Zoom, capturing every single detail as if you’re standing right in front of the object. With such a powerful zoom lens packed into a compact mobile device, the smartphone is especially handy for travelers who need to take long-range photos, freeing them from the burden of heavy lens attachments and large, professional photography equipment.

Are you convinced as yet? Stay tuned, as the HUAWEI P20 Pro will be launching soon in the UAE and you can be the first to get your hands on it.