Posted on January 15, 2018

Just Real Estate (JRE), the leading property service provider in Qatar, is pleased to offer an exciting investment opportunity in Istanbul – one of the world’s most cosmopolitan and inclusive cities – where Europe and Asia meet.

Buyukyali is an exhilarating real estate development rapidly rising on the Zeytinburnu and Kazlıçeşme coastal route to create a new seaside neighbourhood. Designed by renowned British architect Chapman Taylor, Buyukyali features a range of apartments, from 1 to 5-bedroom units, and is based on the ‘Neo-Urbanization; approach, which aims to increase the quality of life for residents. With its strategic location where land meets sea, Buyukyali opens the door to a new life blended by green and blue.

Designed to make life easier for its residents, all of Buyukyali’s luxurious, modern apartments feature the Smart Home concept: heating, lighting, air conditioning, showers and more can be controlled remotely by telephone. Listed by Forbes as one of the ‘Top 50 Housing Projects in Istanbul with the Highest Return Potential’, this impressive development stands out as the real estate project with the highest return potential on Istanbul’s coastal route.

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Another major draw of the Buyukyali project is its proximity to Istanbul’s diverse transportation links, including rail, road and sea. Forget sitting in traffic, the neighborhood’s sea and marina shuttles enable residents to reach any location in the shortest possible time. Within walking distance of the Zeytinburnu Marmaray Metro station, residents have easy access to the Eurasia Tunnel, which connects Europe and Asia, and unparalleled access to the rest of the city’s transport links. Buyukyali is just 10km away from Ataturk Airport and offers quick access to Istanbul’s major tourist sites and wide-ranging cultural and arts activities.

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With world-class shopping, high-end restaurants and an array of family activities focused on wellbeing, from swimming pools, to cycle tracks, tennis courts and fitness clubs, Buyukyali offers a truly new way of living in the heart of a historic world capital. “Urban living is rapidly evolving and the demands of homeowners, tenants and residents are constantly changing, with lifestyle and experiential living becoming increasingly important. As a leading property service provider, JRE recognizes this and we constantly seek premium opportunities for our clients,” said Engineer Nasser Al-Ansari, JRE Chairman.

“Buyukyali is a remarkable opportunity to add one of the most historic cities in the world to your portfolio, offering exceptional future living, a focus on wellbeing, central location, and great returns potential,” added Engineer Al-Ansari. Homes in the Buyukyali neighborhood are scheduled for completion in early 2019. For more information visit the JRE Sales Center in Al Shooumoukh Tower, ground floor, C-Ring Road, Doha, or download the JRE app from Apple Store or Google Play Store.