Posted on September 08, 2018

Kahramaa Awareness Park is witnessing a growing number of visitors from different groups during the summer to learn about the park's programmes, events and activities.

The park has become a favourite destination for summer educational and awareness camps and youth centres. The visits are part of the National Program for Rationalisation and Energy Efficiency, which aims to disseminate the culture, techniques, regulations and laws of rationalisation, energy efficiency and renewable energy.

The Kahramaa Awareness Park has received visitors from more than 20 summer camps, clubs and youth centers with over 150 young men and women of 4 to 18 years of age every day. The groups visited the park to learn about its various activities and participate in its distinctive events as a platform for raising environmental awareness. The park is interested in raising awareness of these age groups to instil in them the culture of rationalisation and energy efficiency from an early age. All the activities of the park focus on the technical interactive aspect, especially the convergence of methods of renewable energy, such as solar energy, wind energy, water and other energies that the students study in schools.

The park includes an exhibition of models that will represent practical processes and methods of producing water, alternative renewable energy and ideas to reduce the electricity and water waste and their consumption to sustain it for future generations. The park has become one of the preferred destinations for the various groups because it offers the latest education and awareness through the edutainment system, which combines teaching and entertainment increasing the motivation of the visitor towards research and learning. The presentations are designed using modern interactive techniques such as hologram technology and enhanced reality. 

A visit to the park also includes a tour of its various facilities in addition to different workshops, awareness lectures and theatrical plays. Besides, the 'Youth Futures' initiative is being launched at the park in its sixth edition, an initiative launched in 2015 to raise the contribution of young people to human and social development to achieve the Qatar National Vision 2030 entitled 'First step, the most important step' to help young people identify themselves and what they should know to choose their first steps in their academic and professional life successfully. The Kahramaa Awareness Park has received more than 50,000 visitors since its opening last year representing different age groups, both at the governmental and individuals and families levels.

source: Qatar Tribune