Posted on September 16, 2017

Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (Kahramaa), as part of its initiative to tap and promote alternative energy sources, on Thursday, inaugurated solar panels at Sumaisma Primary School. 

The inauguration is in line with Kahramaa's initiative to introduce solar energy in public buildings such as schools and medical centres around the country to lessen pressure on electricity grid. The Head of Renewable Energy Technologies at Kahramaa Eng Hamad al Marri revealed that the solar power system installed at the Sumaisma primary school will initially produce 5-10 kilowatts of energy for the school's power needs. "The project is aimed at generating low-cost and eco-friendly solar power in the country and will be implemented at three medical centres also in future. The solar cells installed on the school's rooftop include both used as well as imported solar panels.

Kahramaa aims to produce around 200 megawatts of electricity in Qatar through alternative energy sources in two phases, Marri said, adding that the initiative was in line with the government's vision to rationalise power consumption. Stressing that Qatar's Government supports and provides aid to all those factories that produce alternative energy, Marri pointed out that Qatar has to depend on fossil energy for lack of rivers and dams that can help the country produce alternative energy. However, solar energy is still a practical option for Qatar in terms of alternative energy while studies are in progress on producing wind energy, he added.

source: Qatar Tribune