Posted on January 27, 2019

Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation (Kahramaa) has launched a campaign to raise the awareness among its customers of the importance of paying bills on time and settling their accounts before selling or renting out properties. The campaign, which will run for three months, targets all customers including citizens, and seeks to ensure that Kahramaa customers receive uninterrupted service.

The campaign has several features, such as requesting the customers to make timely payment of electricity and water bills to avoid disconnection of service, and asking them to settle customer accounts by paying arrears incurred against their registered immovable property prior to its sale or renting out. It also seeks to encourage citizens to come forward for their registration as ‘exempted beneficiary’ in accordance with the approved policies and procedures. They can register via Kahramaa website (, mobile Apps or Call Center 991 by providing the required documents. Registered and exempted citizens can also apply for ‘move in with exemption’ service when moving to a new house. 

The campaign is the culmination of Kahramaa’s mission to provide high quality and sustainable electricity and water in Qatar, and in line with its commitment to excel in customer service, keeping customers well-informed about the services and how to apply for. The campaign also seeks to raise awareness about the necessity of getting monthly electricity and water bills to avoid the accumulation of bills which could lead to service cuts. It also emphasises the importance of updating the contact data to receive monthly bills through e-mail and SMS, and the various payment gateways provided by Kahramaa to pay bills such as Kahramaa website, mobile App, Ooredoo Self Services Machines (SSMs) and Kahramaa’s partner banks.

The campaign highlights the benefits of registration for all customers. As part of the campaign, Kahramaa will issue a series of publications and awareness-raising tips through its social media channels and other media. “Kahramaa always endeavours to improve the level of services it provides to the public. These services are part of continuous improvement aimed at increasing customer satisfaction,” Kahramaa said in a press statement.

source: Qatar Tribune