Posted on May 07, 2015
Qatar General Electricity &Water Corporation “Kahramaa”, represented in the Nation Program for Conservation and Energy Efficiency “Tarsheed”, in cooperation with the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning, managed to get the agreement of the Council of Ministers to issue the ministerial decree No 108/2015 for amending some provisions of the Ministerial decree No 6/1989 for the technical specifications of buildings with regards to electricity conservation.
Tarsheed has submitted a proposal on September 2013 including the amended specification for the thermal insulation and its feedback and proposed amendments and feedback on annex No 6 of the decree No 6 / 1989 for the thermal insulation and included in Section 12 of regulations for the installation of electrical wiring - December 2010.

The  amendment is a vital step in terms of the “conserving building” Kahramaa encourage within its objectives to achieve the comprehensive economic and environmental development as per QNV 2030. The good thermal insulation (including windows insulating) saves 30-40% of energy consumption in the building, maintains the inside temperature, and improves the surrounding environment (reduce emissions and noise, and increase building age).
The new amendments provided for in the ministerial decree No 108 / 2015 comes in line with Tarsheed objectives to reduce electricity per capita consumption by 20% and water by 35% as it should reduce harmful carbon emissions and contribute to achieve the sustainable development within the comprehensive development the State witnesses. Tarsheed managed to reduce per capita consumption of electricity by 11% to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 2 million tons and QR 600 millions in 2014.  It is worth to mention that there is a trend among GCC countries and to approve the thermal insulation in building specifications. Some have started to apply within building regulations.