Posted on January 10, 2020

A large number of people turned out to witness the second edition of the Katara International Amber Exhibition, which opened in Building 12, Katara - the Cultural Village, on Wednesday.

"The second edition of the exhibition is marked by the participation of leading companies in the amber industry from all over the world and Qatar. There has also been a huge interest from amber enthusiasts and customers who are excited over the large number of products on display. The items are available at reasonable prices," Katara said in a press statement Thursday.

There are more than 90 stalls at the event, in which exhibitors from 13 Arab and other foreign countries are participating. The participating countries include Turkey, Iraq, Kuwait, Sweden, Lebanon, the UK, Germany, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania and Latvia, as well as representatives of associations and international bodies specialising in amber. On Saturday, the Katara Centre for Amber will be opened on the sidelines of the exhibition. It is expected to be a meeting place for experts, amateurs and traders in amber, the statement notes.

The centre will organise various activities, including training and educational workshops, and provide a review of specifications and standards, and everything related to the quality of amber, in addition to maintaining co-ordination with international institutions. The exhibitors praised the "valuable opportunity provided to them by the organisers to exchange experiences and ideas and enhance co-operation and commercial relations between merchants from all over the world, especially with the participation of the most prominent companies and entities working in the field of amber, making it a distinguished international platform that contributes to developing this sector locally", Katara stressed.

They expressed appreciation and gratitude for Katara - the Cultural Village. Mohamed Larry of Top Kahram Pavilion from Qatar said: “We offer amber stones. We have noticed that the exhibition is witnessing a large turnout of people. Since its launch, it has succeeded in attracting attention and this is what encouraged us to participate this year for the first time.”

On Friday the exhibition timing is from 4pm to 10pm.

source: Gulf Times