Posted on January 24, 2019

The Cultural Village Foundation (Katara) is hosting a new exhibition entitled "Life in the Digital World". It is the first exhibition by five young men and women from Qatar to highlight the influence and transformations of the digital world in plastic arts.

The exhibition, which runs until February 17, features more than 20 paintings by the participating artists: Sultan Al Abdullah, Munther Al Safi, Sara Al Zeyara, Sumaya Al Kilani and Mariam Al Tajer. They will present their views regarding the impact of the means of social communication on the audience and then their implications on the arts whether it is positive or negative. Therefore, the artist's paintings reflect and translate their visions and experiences. Deputy Director General of Katara Ahmed Abdulrahman Al Sayed said in a statement after the opening of the exhibition tonight that the exhibition presents different experiences.

Responding to a question from Qatar News Agency (QNA) about Katara's interest in young experiences, he said Katara embraces this creative experience of young artists from Qatar whose different experiences are characterized by diversity, adding Katara is sparing every effort to help artists and young artists in particular as Katara Art Center, where the expo is held, provides training and technical support to all artists, especially young people. He added the role of Katara is to support these talents through such exhibitions.