Posted on October 12, 2018

Katara – the Cultural Village will soon launch an innovative electronic application that allows users to listen to audio version of Arabic novels while walking for physical exercise.

The initiative named #Mishwar_Wariwaya will be launched during the Fourth Katara Festival of Arabic Novels, scheduled from October 15 to 17, and can be used in all mobile or electronic devices having Android or iOS operating system. Entries that have won the Katara Prize for Arabic Novel in its first three editions in the unpublished category have been converted to the audio version. The app will contain an abridged version of the novels, with a brief description about the author.

The app will also allow the user to count the number of words they have listened while walking, along with the steps and distance they have covered. Users will also know how much calories they have burnt after their walk. “The idea behind the app is to combine sports and literature and promote Arabic novels. It will allow people to use their leisure time to listen to fiction, the same way they listen to music. The app is specially designed for walkers, in line with Qatar’s policy to promote sport and physical exercise,” said Khalid al-Sayed, head of the Katara Prize for Arabic Novels.

The Festival will also witness the launch of another initiative “Narrations from novels” for school students to get them acquainted with Arabic novels. Every week Katara will invite school students to listen to readings of selected portions from novels written by young authors who have won the Katara Prize for Arabic Novel in the specific category. The narrations will be conducted by experts in the field in a dramatic and captivating manner, said al-Sayed. The new initiatives follow on similar projects launched during the previous edition of the Katara Prize for Arabic Novel such as the “Novel Theatre” which was aimed to convert some prize-winning novels to dramatic creations.

source: Gulf Times