Posted on November 04, 2017

Information Technology professionals gathered at the ‘Fourth Tech Forum’ held at Katara Drama Theatre on Wednesday.

Scheduled every first Wednesday of the month, the Forum covered topics including ‘The Impacts of Cyber Security Breaches’, ‘IEEE (The world’s largest technical professional organisation dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity) – Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers’, ‘Positive Technology Project’ to ‘Stars of Science: Interactive robot for children with intermediate needs’. It featured speakers Banos Demetero, Dr Somaya Al Maaded, Iman Al Hamd, Sara Al Najjar and Mohamed Al Jeferi who stressed on the application of technology in daily life.

Katara General Manager Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim Al Sulaiti, said: “The Katara Tech Forum is designated to attract Qatari young talents with an aim to provide them with the necessary support while developing their skills, creativity and efficiency. This forum comes in to develop public awareness in the information technology field and the dissemination of its culture within the community to form a generation that entails strong technical force that would aid in sustainable development in various fields.” The event also saw officials of Katara IT Department honoured for attaining the ISO 20,000 certificate. A Memorandum of Understanding between Katara and Qatar Mobility Innovations Center (QMIC) was signed during the event. An open discussion followed topic presentations.

Talking to The Peninsula, Mandar Pagare, Business Development Manager at Intertek said: “Intertek is the certification agency. For Katara we have recently completed ISO 20,000 certification, which is for all the IT purposes. This certification is valid for three years.” “Intertek collaborates with and supports some of the most well-known brands and businesses around the globe, providing essential knowledge, discretion, and capability where and when our clients need it. Our work helps ensure proper certification and greater market access, the ability to meet product performance , quality metrics and the promotion and elevation of a brand’s name and reputation,” he added.

Dr Hameed Minwar from Qatar Mobility Innovations Center (QMIC) which deals with traffic-enabled smart services, V2V and V2X Communication and Internet of Things Platform, shared his thoughts on the event saying, “It’s a great place to be in and it’s a very good idea to gather all IT and IT experts in one place and I personally feel very good to be here.” “The basic idea is to encourage the youth to embrace Information Technology which is somehow becoming part of their culture and it is important. Every time we come, we meet new people and learn about new activities in this field in our country,” he added.

First time visitor, Siham Nouami, an IT Professional herself, was quite impressed with the forum. “This is my first time and I find it very good for all those connected with this sector and the people in general. It’s a good opportunity for the people and for organisations and students to discover the world of technology and the new updates,” she said. Siham, who works for Al Bidda Warehousing, added, “I feel this forum will bring different ideas and more people which will make it very interesting for us as business development managers.” “We provide resource management services and we are very happy about this initiative of Katara Tech Forum,” she said.

source: The Peninsula