Posted on January 26, 2017

The curtains went down on the fourth edition of the Katara Winter Festival on Thursday, marking an end to days of entertainment and activities at the Esplanade in the Cultural Village. 

The finale saw performances by the Pakistani Military band, in addition to the activities and stalls that were already drawing in the crowds. Children were kept entertained by competitions and events organized by the Childhood Cultural Center, and the Qatar Heritage and Identity Center. Visitors were seen to be intrigued by the Al-Gannas Association's pavilion, that presented an interactive exhibition and workshop on falconry and Saluki. In addition, the organizers of Al-Galayel Championship hosted an exhibition displaying collectables and equipment from all previous championships. 

Katara's efforts to revive Qatari heritage and culture through events such as these, have met with resounding success, as visitors to the festival were kept mesmerized by various performances, that started at 4 pm and went on until 9 pm at night. On the sideline, the festival also saw displays of local antiques, traditional food, and a diverse selection of Qatari handmade costumes, offering visitors an opportunity to shop for Qatari products and goods. The festival attracted droves of people of all ages, and from all walks of life, including families, who were keen to have their children make the most of the interactive activities on offer, in the prevailing weather.